How to purchase tickets for our performances 


On the day when tickets go on sale online, the “whole theatre” is not offered as many individuals assume; at that moment, approximately 70% of the tickets have already been sold as group bookings.

One possible solution is to obtain a season ticket; we offer them every year, in three attractive variants.  

Our only goal is your satisfaction.

Your Brno City Theatre


1. Online purchase of tickets, online reservations

To ensure maximum convenience for everyone, we have made an electronic ticket sales system available. It enables:

  • direct online purchases, including online payment (though only if you are registered in the GoPay system or have a payment card for internet payments).  Payment must take place within one hour after the reservation of the tickets, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled!
  • ticket reservation followed by collection and payment at the box office. Only performances which take place in more than 7 days can be booked! For performances which take place in less than 7 days, please use our reservation phone numbers +420 533 316 /360, 410 or 347, or buy an e-ticket.
  • The Colosseum ticket sales system only supports the three latest versions of all browsers (for example, in the case of MS Explorer it should be version 9.x and higher, and so Explorer under Windows XP is no longer supported)!

2. Ticket purchasing in person, phone bookings

You can purchase tickets at any of our Brno City Theatre sales points.

You can reserve your tickets by phone at the following numbers: 533 316 347, 533 316 360, 533 316 352.

3. Group ticket bookings

If you wish to make a group reservation (over 10 tickets), you must contact the Commercial Department first (tel. 533 316 352,, where you will obtain up-to-date information on how to purchase tickets for groups. This can depend on the demand for individual performances.

Tickets: conditions of sale

  • Tickets can only be booked for performances listed in the Brno City Theatre performance plan.
  • Tickets are available for performances two months in advance. Sales for the month after next always commence on the 15th day of the month. If this day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the date of sale is moved to the following first working day.
  • Electronic advance ticket sales start on the designated day at 8.00 a.m.
  • If you wish to make a reservation for a performance which takes place in less than seven days, please use our reservation phone numbers 533 316/ 360, 410 or 347.
  • Ticket reservations made via the internet or by telephone followed by collection at the box office are valid for five calendar days, or until the 7th day before the performance.
  • When making a reservation via the online reservation system, payment for the ticket takes place via the GoPay online payment gateway. You must either have a card that enables payment via the internet or have a GoPay electronic wallet. If neither is the case, your order will be cancelled.
  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.


Payment methods

  • in cash
  • Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa and Maestro payment cards are accepted at sales points
  • payment by invoice – this can only be arranged in advance, via Brno City Theatre´s Commercial Department (see above), when at least 10 tickets are purchased
  • gift vouchers can be used during payment (this doesn´t apply to online purchases and the STUDENT AGENCY sales point)


  • automatic 33% discount for children up to 15 years of age
  • 33% discount when relevant documents are provided for:
    • full-time students (up to 26 years of age),
    • Senior citizens,
    • Disability pensioners and holders of handicapped person´s cards.

After making an online purchase and claiming a discount, relevant proof of entitlement to the discount must be shown together with the ticket.