About the theatre

We are a unique theatre group, and not only within the Czech Republic. We are so interesting for theatre-goers that our performances have been permanently sold out since the year 1995, and on top of that, we stage about 150 performances abroad every year. Perhaps the reason for this is the exceptionally high level of production quality of all the performances (directors, actors, singers, dancers, orchestra…), as well as in the unique repertoire of the theatre which presents mainly original works which cannot be seen in other places. On top of this, both of our theatres fully meet all the current technical requirements of modern theatres.

You need only enter the new theatre courtyard from Lidická Street in Brno through the main gateways, and you will immediately find yourself in another world. Everything here is arranged with one aim in mind; the creation of festive theatre! As well as the halls themselves you can enjoy the Boulevard Restaurant, relaxing in the garden under vines, the Nekonečno theatre club, bars, flowing water…. You can see a contemporary theatre which is full of imagination, creativity, professionalism - designed, prepared and put into practice in all the buildings surrounding this oasis in the centre of Brno – an oasis of living theatre!

In the two theatre houses, there are three theatre ensembles in total which cooperate in all theatrical genres. The Drama Theatre, which was newly reconstructed in the year 1995, offers 340 seats to the spectators. In the year 2004, the Music Theatre with 680 seats was opened ceremonially with a performance of the musical Hair. Every season, we stage 9 new performances – 5 dramas and 4 musicals. Most of them are new performances shown in our country for the first time - new works, new adaptations, dramatizations, translations… At present, there are a large number of contemporary artists who write and compose for us, or adapt and translate new works.

Hall of fame

Our theatre has an exceptional ensemble of actors at its disposal which is almost beyond compare, both in drama and in musical productions - Petr Gazdík was awarded the prestigious Thalia prize 2009 for his performance in the musical Les Misérables, Erik Pardus was awarded the Thalia prize for his exceptional performance in the drama Death of Paul I. and Petr Štěpán was awarded the Thalia prize for the role Darryl van Horn in the musical The Witches of Eastwick in 2008. Radka Coufalová - Vidlák was awarded the Thalia prize for the role of the Narrator in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 2007, while one year earlier,Dušan Vitázek was awarded the Thalia Prize for his exceptional performance in the musical Hair.Alena Antalová became the bearer of the Thalia Prize for the year 1999 in the category Talent of the Year, the same as Markéta Sedláčková in the category Musical for her performance of the role of Líza Ďulínková in the musical My Fair Lady (ze Zelňáku). In the year 1998 the Thalia Prize was awarded to Petra Jungmanová for her exceptional performance in the role of Harry in the musical Babylon, and previously Zdena Herfortová became the bearer of the Thalia Prize in the year 1995 for her performance of the leading role in Bruckner’s historical drama Elizabeth of England. Other actors nominated for this prize were Johana Gazdíková in the musical Mary Poppins, Jitka Čvančarová for her performance of the role Sukie in the musical The Witches of Eastwick and for her performance of the role Sandra in the musical Svět plný andělů – World Full of AngelsZdeněk Junák for his amazing acting performance in the musical ballad Koločava, Martin Havelka for his excellent acting performance in the comedy Sluha dvou pánů – Servant of Two MastersRudolf Krátký for his exceptional performance of Woland in the drama Master and Margarita, Roman Vojtek for the role of Tony in West Side Story, Zdena Herfortová for the role of Gurmyzhskaya in the play Les - The Forest, and Jan Apolenář for the performance of Puck inThe Midsummer Night’s Dreams (and a few years later, for the role of Fagin in the musical Oliver!).

Director Hana Burešová can be proud of her prestigious Alfréd Radok Award for the year 2007; her production The Death of Paul I won in the category of Performance of the Year. Erik Pardus was also awarded a prize for the same performance – he played the main role in Merezhkovsky’s drama. Vladimír Franz received an award for music – again composed for the performance The Death of Paul I. In the year 2006, Petr Ulrych was given the Alfréd Radok Award for the music for the musical ballad Koločava, and in 2006  this prize was awarded also toVladimír Franz Kofroň-Plach(who received recognition for the music for the performance by Heinrich von Kleist, Amphitryon) and to Petr Kofroň (for the music for ý and Šimáček’s singspiel The Magic Flute). At the Alfréd Radok Awards ceremony, Brno City Theatre obtained 2nd place in the year 1996 and 3rd place in 1998 in the category Theatre of the Year.


Erik Pardus was awarded the Czech Theatre Prize in 2007, namely for his exceptional acting performance in Miterrer’s drama In the Lion’s Den, where he played the role of Arthur Kirsch.

At the famous "Borštnikov Prizes" festival in Maribor in Slovenia, 2007, Stanislav Moša was awarded the prize for the Greatest Aesthetic Breakthrough for his direction of the musical Kabaret – Cabaret.

The musical The Midsummer Night’s Dreams written by Stanislav Moša and Zdenek Merta was awarded the “Performance of the Year” prize by the Czech Literary Fund in 1991.

The artists of Brno City Theatre regularly occupy leading positions in the TOP 100 Celebrities of Brno opinion poll (for example Stanislav Moša, Jef Kratochvil, Zdena Herfortová, Alena Antalová, Jitka Čvančarová, Petr Gazdík, Zdeněk Junák).

In the year 1997, Brno City Theatre was awarded the Prize of Brno in the field of dramatic arts for its important contribution to Brno cultural life in the field of dramatic art.

In the year 2004, Brno City Theatre’s newly built Music Theatre came first in the competition for the best building in the South Moravian Region, and also in, Building of the Year 2004 and it obtained an honorary prize in the competition for the best investment of the year, TOPINVEST.