Season tickets

We offer several types of season tickets, with different selections and numbers of performances, and various performance starting times.

Don’t miss the chance to book permanent places at the Music and Drama Theatres!

  • Season tickets

This type of ticket includes premiere performances which are shown during the theatre season (which lasts from September till June), both at the Music and the Drama Theatres. The season ticket groups are divided up according to the days of the week; each group will always attend their performances on the same specific day (e.g. on Mondays).

Performances will begin at 7 p.m. To meet the requirements of our season ticket holders, we have created a brand new group named “SP” which has a flexible performance day and performances which start at 6 p.m.
Ticket sales: season tickets can be purchased from March or April till the beginning of September.

  • Season tickets for pleasant early evenings

Four productions are offered, two at the Drama Theatre and two at the Music Theatre. The performances selected for the “season tickets for pleasant early evenings” are older productions; they aren´t productions which are new for the current season. There is no fixed performance day for this type of season ticket - unlike the regular season ticket, the performance can take place on any day of the week (and also at the weekend). The performances always start at 6 p.m.
Ticket sales: from March or April till September, as with the season tickets.

  • Annual season tickets

The name for this type of ticket is derived from the fact that this season ticket is valid for one calendar year, i.e. from January till December, apart from during the summer holiday. It includes five productions which are a combination of older and newer titles in both theatres. Just like the early evening season tickets, it has a flexible performance day (Monday-Sunday).
Performances always start at 7 p.m.
Purchase of tickets: sales start in November.

6 reasons to become a season ticket holder

  • You will save almost 1000 CZK in comparison with advance purchases of individual tickets.
  • You have your own seats for the whole period when the season ticket is valid; their location doesn´t change. 
  • You´ll get a free theatre season calender.
  • We´ll send you the Dokořán monthly magazine with news, interviews and interesting information related to our cultural scene free of charge.
  • You´ll receive invitations to special events offered at a special price for season ticket holders.
  • Information about the dates of your performances will be sent your email in-box in advance, and thus you won´t have to search inconveniently in the programme guides for “your” group.


The exact dates for the advance sale of season tickets will always be specified at least 1 month before it commences – see Current offers.

The dates of the individual performances for season ticket holders are determined by the theatre, and they are known at least 2 months before the performance.

Current range of season tickets on offer:

Updated list of season tickets